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Workplace Edge tailors solutions to meet specific customer needs through a range of services.


Our specialist advisory services include:


Strategy, Policy, Planning and Economics:


Strategic Workplace Services:



For more information on each of our areas of service, please read on.



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Organisational Review, Change
Management and Culture Development



Our services include:


  • Strategic and operational reviews of organisations.


  • Development of transition and change management plans.


  • Establishment of change governance frameworks and project/transition teams.


  • Leadership, facilitation and project management of transition/ change management processes.


  • Culture surveys including assessment of existing and desired organisational cultures.


  • Establishment of organisational culture development plans.


  • Facilitation and project management of changes.

Governance Review:
Corporate and Board



Our services include:


  • Reviews and strategic recommendations concerning Board and/or corporate governance frameworks, structures, systems and processes.


  • Facilitation of strategic governance workshops to assess and address issues and develop transition plans.


  • Benchmarking of governance frameworks, processes and systems;


  • Project management and facilitation of governance transition/change management plans. 

Infrastructure - Cost-Benefit
and Value for Money Analysis



Our services include:


  • Operational efficiency reviews of infrastructure assets.


  • Facilitation of processes for Expressions of Interest for the sale or lease of assets.


  • Commercial negotiations regarding the sale or lease of assets.


  • Facilitation of due diligence and data room processes.


  • Facilitation of infrastructure RFP/RFQ processes or tenders.


  • Review of Alliance infrastructure projects to determine Best Value or Value for Money (vfm) outcomes.


  • Cost-benefit analyses of options for infrastructure projects.


  • Regulatory economics reviews of assets for regulatory bodies such as the QCA and the ACCC.

Strategic, Business,
Marketing and Regional Planning


Our services include:


  • Review and development of strategic, business, corporate,  marketing, communications and stakeholder relations plans.


  • Facilitation of planning workshops for development of plans based on the Workplace Edge review and planning model.


  • Research to support the development of plans.


  • Review and preparation of regional development plans, including stakeholder consultation, workshop facilitation and supporting research and analysis in accordance with the Workplace Edge planning model.



Human Resources
Advice and Services



Our services include:


  • Investigation of code of conduct issues and formal grievances.


  • Review and management of complex and high loss workers’ compensation claims.


  • Review of HR policies, employment practices and conditions of employment.


  • Development of performance management policy and systems.


  • Design and implementation of staff selection processes.


  • Design and implementation of attendance management programs. 



Strategic Interventions:
Design and Implementation



Our services include:


  • Review of organisational, team and individual dysfunction and tailoring strategic interventions to improve performance.


  • Intervention to review and resolve organisational, team and individual conflict. 

Workplace Investigations and Workplace Mediation


Our services include:

  • Code of Conduct investigations

  • Bullying and harassment claim investigations

  • Investigation of suspected corrupt conduct in conjunction with referral to the Crime and Corruption Commission

  • Mediation and facilitated discussions in an employment context with the aim of restoring the employment relationships and assisting individuals and teams to improve functioning

Workplace Rehabilitation and OHS
Advice and Services



Our services include:


  • Case Management of workers’ compensation claims, including complex physical and psychological/ psychiatric claims

  • Assessment and evaluation of claims for work related injury including physical injury and psychological and psychiatric injury.

  • Design and implementation of risk assessment programs.


  • Design and implementation of a comprehensive hazard management program with semi-quantitative measures for assessing performance in workplace health and safety management.


  • Development and implementation of pre-employment and regulatory medical assessment programs

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